The Firm’s lawyers assist international families of persons who have died holding U.S. assets. We are available to provide guidance, and to work with your other advisors, in accomplishing the transfer of U.S. assets to heirs and beneficiaries as a part of the administration of the estate of the deceased individual.

As such, we can assist with the filing of U.S. transfer tax returns, such as the Form 706 and the Form 706-NA with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (the IRS) and the acquisition of U.S. transfer certificates from the IRS.

We also help with the preparation of those documents required by U.S. transfer agents, banks and brokerage houses to accomplish the transfer of U.S. investments held by a person who has died while residing outside of the U.S.

We can further assist with any court proceedings which may be necessary for a transfer, including the appointment of a U.S. executor or administrator.

For assistance and further information contact John Ledyard Campbell or Michael J. Stegman.

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